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Don't look for love in faces, places --
après moi, le déluge
3rd-Jan-2020 09:04 pm(no subject)
[dr who] a rose by any other name

comment to be considered.

journal is pretty much in an indefinite haitus stage.
11th-Feb-2009 07:56 pm - (I'm sorry I'm so dorky)
[firefly] why yes
Dear diary,

Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy. Today we were kidnapped by hillfolk, never to be seen again.

It was the best day ever.

(Also, I can kill you with my brain.)
15th-Jan-2006 04:01 pm - Heee~~ :33
[dr who] a rose by any other name
BEST SITE IN THE WORLD. No, seriously. ^^ You'll see.
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